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It begins at 6:00 pm PST on June 20, 2019, and ends at 6:00 pm PST on June 23, 2019


The official OSU Hackathon Club's Slack will be used for all communications.

Please join us please @

You can use the slack to introduce yourself, look for a team, meet other participants, or ask questions.  


Thursday, June 20th
  • 06:00 pm: Kick-off ceremony
  • 07:00 pm: Hackathon starts
  • 11:59 pm: Project proposals are due 24 hours after hackathon starts. 
Sunday, June 23th
  • 07:00 pm: Hackathon ends
  • 07:30 pm: Hackers Party & Showcase (Demos)
Sunday, June 30th
  • 7: 00 pm: Winners Announced


Hackathon Logistics


Teams may be 1 to 4 members. 

  • Judge’s Choice (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
  • People’s Choice
  • Best C++ Console App

All hackathon teams need to be on the following platforms:

  • DevPost - Submit final project executables here, with a GitHub repository link, and other relevant information. Remember to cite your sources. Screenshots, videos, and other visuals are encouraged!
  • GitHub - To track all commits and changes and ensure no additional work was made after the hackathon’s conclusion.
C++ projects should be hosted on:
  • - To consolidate all C++ projects under one platform, we ask members writing C++ projects to host them on here and provide a link on their DevPost submission.


Common Q&A

Is this hackathon for OSU students only?

Yes, the summer hackathon is for Oregon State University students only. We appreciate your interest and we encourage you to participate in other hackathons, but this hackathon is for OSU students only. Occasionally, we have a category for Alumni, so if you are interested please let us know. Any students that went Winter and/or Spring terms are eligible to participate. 


What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where participants work on a coding project for a limited amount of time.

Do I have to participate during the entire 72 hours?

No. It is up to you and your team to decide your time commitment.

What if I am a beginner?

No experience is necessary. Use this time to learn something new and leave with a project and skill to showcase on your resume.

What can I build?

Anything you want: web/mobile apps, a website, API, command line program, game, or hardware project.

How big can teams be?

Teams may consist of up to 4 people max.


The Hackathon is open to current students at Oregon State University. Participation in the Hackathon constitutes Participant’s full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”). The term “you” refers to you, and may be used interchangeably with, the “Participant”.


  1. All members of the team have registered on DevPost and are added to the project submission.
  2. All submissions must have their repo on Github (the entire commit history must be present)
  3. Console app projects must include a project link with their submission





Hackathon Sponsors


First Place - Judge's Choice

First Place - Awarded by Judges.

*The following will receive a Udemy Course or Audible credit per team member

Second Place - Judge's Choice

Second Overall - Selected by Judges.
*The following will receive a Udemy Course or Audible credit per team member

Third Place - Judge's Choice

Third Overall - Selected by Judges.
*The following will receive a Udemy Course or Audible credit per team member

Best Console App

*The following will receive a Udemy Course or Audible credit per team member

Public Vote

Selected by your peers, organizers and volunteers.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

  1. Register on Devpost
  2. Register on Slack 
  3. Find a team on Devpost, or Slack (#teams) 
    • Use your email for all logins so we can validate your registration. Thanks! : )
  4. Join the Kick-off ceremony for Instructions on June 20th at 6:00 pm PST
  5. Post Project Proposal to the Slack #proposals channel by June 21, 11:59 pm PST
    - Team name
    - Project description
    - Technologies you will use
    - Category your team belongs to
  6. Submit project on Devpost by 7:00 pm PST on June 23, 2019  


Prof. Benjamin C Brewster

Prof. Benjamin C Brewster
Interim Online Program Director, EECS, Oregon State University

Prof. Samina Ehsan

Prof. Samina Ehsan
Instructor in Computer Science, EECS, Oregon State University

Prof. Tim Alcon

Prof. Tim Alcon
Instructor in Computer Science, EECS, Oregon State University

Judging Criteria

  • Proposal
    Submitting a proposal on time. Share what you would like to accomplish with your team in this project and how will it contribute to the greater good. Drifted from the proposal? Submit a final reflection to justify design changes. (6 points)
  • Theme
    Adhering to the theme is not mandatory but it will get you extra points, plus it's fun! It's about TIME! (2 points)
  • Technical Difficulty
    How technically impressive was the project? Was the technical problem the team tackled difficult? Did the technology involved make you go "Wow"? (23 points)
  • Presentation/Usability
    How is the design and user experience of the project? Is it easy to understand and use? Is it intuitive? (23 points)
  • Usefulness/Relevance
    Is this a product that people will use in their daily lives or in the context it is intended? Will it make lives better? (23 points)
  • Creativity
    Is the project creative, new and innovative? Is it something we already know or is the idea disruptive? (23 points)

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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